When You Don’t Know What To Write You Think

I sat down this week and had no idea what ‘topic’ to write. Should I talk about website security? It’s important, but it’s not really that exciting (I’ll save that one for later). Should I talk about a client update and what we’ve done for them? Probably, but we’re going to be publishing Case Studies later this week anyway.

Instead I want to talk about us. Yesterday we had Krysta, a college student graduating in the spring, shadow us so that she could figure out what she wants to do. After spending the day with us, I have a feeling that she still doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do (which is totally fine), but she took away some important tidbits about how we work and why we do what we do. Krysta’s favorite part of our day was our Monday morning meeting.

Every Monday we start our week by going through a team meeting that dictates the direction of our week. It’s not that crazy of an idea. Many organizations and groups do this and it helps us all get on the same page. Something that sets this meeting apart for us is the positive reinforcement ingrained in our company culture. Our first agenda item is, “One good thing that happened to you last week.” Then as the meeting comes to a close we go around and say, “Two good things that happened in the company and one thing that can be improved.” It allows our team to give praise and constructive feedback.

It’s important for us to create a culture that doesn’t settle for good enough. John and I are constantly looking for ways to improve and we’re not afraid to call each other out when something can be taken to the next level. It’s why we work together so well – two different viewpoints striving for the same goal.

I hope that’s something else that Krysta took away. I know she at least saw our passion for our work. And we learned something as well – that John and I are so used to doing anything we set our mind to, whenever it needs to be done, that we are bad at delegating tasks clearly. That’s an easy fix though. Now there’s something else we can improve upon (the list keeps growing…).
Get better every day.