5 Steps to Start Using Pinterest for Your Business

Even if your business has nothing to do with cooking or hand crafts, it can still benefit from a presence on Pinterest. However, Pinterest works much differently than the most common networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Where you may be able to get away with Twitter and Facebook management simply with numerous, regular postings, Pinterest demands a higher level of detail in order to be effective. Here’s 5 steps to creating an effective Pinterest presence for your business.

  1. Convert your personal account into a business account

The difference between a personal account and a business account are not very apparent to Pinterest users in the sense that it looks very much the same as a regular account. The differences are on your end, the business end. As a business user, you will have the ability to promote your pins and have access to a slew of useful analytics.

  1. Integrate a “Pin It” function to your browser and use it wisely.

It goes without saying (although we will say it anyway) that in order to be an effective pinner, you need to pin. An extension allowing you to hover over a picture and immediately pin it in one of your businesses boards is essential. That being said, you must not pin too much. Because Pins on Pinterest do not get lost as users scroll like in Twitter or Facebook, you should post less often so people can have a chance to see it and react.

  1. Create the right boards

Pinterest boards can either be entertaining or informative your business boards should include both pins that display your products and company culture as well as clearly communicate your company’s ideals and interests. It is absolutely essential that your boards have interesting pins and an interesting title in order to attract views.

As with all social media, engagement is the key to growth. As with Pinterest, engagement comes in the form of following other boards, commenting, and replying to comments. Businesses that are prompt and in-depth with their engagement do not go unnoticed. Target is a great example of a business that is doing this well.

  1. Optimize your content for SEO

This is important for any aspect of digital marketing, including all social media. If you can, you should even rename the pictures’ file names to include keywords. All of your descriptions, board names, comments and board descriptions should contain keywords which will lend search optimization to your account. Top it all off with a username that is also optimized and you’re golden.

Pinterest is definitely a site that is wholly devoted to niches. This does not mean that Pinterest won’t work for you. Happy Pinning!