5 Ways Towards Social Media Productivity

While we everyone is still working endless hours, tracking bazillion stats, and learning the ins-and-outs of effective social media marketing, we came across a truth when it came to the internet’s opinion on social media productivity:

To be productive you need 20 different apps, automation sites, and analytics programs and countless extra hours in the day in order to be successful.

This is untrue!

To be productive, a social media manager need only follow these 5 ways to be a productive user of social media for business.

  • Use the Right Platform. It goes without saying that using the correct platform to reach the right audience is one of the most efficient ways to quickly improve your productivity. If you want to reach an 18-25 year old audience interested in sports, do not waste any effort on LinkedIn. However, multiple social media platforms can be useful in the future to maximize your reach, but beginning with the platforms directly linked to your audience is definitely the best start.
  • Schedule Your Posts. There are countless social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite that will help you to post regularly. A lot of business owners will post sporadically as their schedule permits, but posting regularly is always better. If you can find 15 minutes, schedule your posts days in advance and space them throughout the day for maximum effect.
  • Retweet, Share, Favorite, and Like Posts from Other Users. This is a fast way to increase the update the content on your own accounts, while also boosting your engagement. Users that you share from will be inclined to share your own content, and spread your business to other users.
  • Engage Appropriately. Recognize the difference between auto-messages and real engagement. Engage both, but prioritize the real engagement. Begin with responding to all the mentions of your business, and then turn your attention to replying to comments and followers. Make sure that if you are running out of time to prioritize your engagements.
  • Do Not Get Distracted. This is a rule that goes towards being productive in any field, but it is especially true in social media. It is very easy to get drawn into interesting tangents and lose all of your time in exploring other people’s content. Remember, your time is valuable, and while it is good to enjoy some of the tangents that social media offers, remember, you are managing social media for a business, not yourself.

Of course, it would be great if your content is what inclines people to spend hours poring over your feed, not the other way around. Social media is a paramount method for obtaining a strong organic base, as long as you remain productive and stay away from cat videos at all costs.