A Series Of Blocks

Designing a website basically comes down to arranging a series of blocks. Does this block go here? Are you really sure that you want to put a red block there? There is a lot of nuance that happens behind these blocks, but every website is just a stack of blocks at its core.

This simple concept is something that we considered when we sat down to update our website in November. Our first website revision was literally five blocks that you could click. There was no menu or navigation bar. Each click opened up a new page. It was simple, but it was also slightly foreign.

I love simplicity and I think it’s key when designing anything, but sometimes it can go too far (see abstraction). So we went back to the drawing board. Last week we unveiled released our new website. We’ve received feedback on our newest release and we’ve already started to change things on the website.

Over the next few weeks and throughout the year we will continue to make changes. Such is modern website design. Send us a message in our contact form or comment here to give us some advice on what you think of the website. Come back next Wednesday to see a new blog post and see the new changes we’re implementing!