Are you being social online?

Are you being social online?

Marketers have dubbed social media “the next big thing”, but others think that it will go as fast as it came.

However, businesses that use social media marketing have seen great growth. 97% of marketers are using social media. 92% said social media helped their business, with 80% of them saying social media alone increased traffic to their websites.

In all of these great statistics there is one that stands out, and not for a good reason. 85% of all marketers using social media admitted they are not even sure which social media tool is the best. Which tool will drive the optimal amount of traffic the business’ way? This shows social media is on the rise and can help brings sales along with it.

Social media increases brand awareness and recognition.

Being seen is the most important thing.

Social media is the biggest funnel to get your brand’s voice and content visible to more people. This is important because for new customers, you now become easier and more accessible to reach. Improved brand loyalty is also seen through social media. Social media allows the customer to feel more connected with your business and makes them feel like they are more of a friend than customer. This maintains brand loyalty and keeps that customer coming back time and time again. A higher number of loyal customers represent trust, loyalty, and credibility that can be representative of social proof.

Social media also improves brand authority. Good interactions and communications between business and customers put good faith in potential consumers.

What do you do when you find a great product or have a great experience with a product? You brag to all your friends on social media. Having customer’s brag to their friends about your product while including your product in their posts will drive potential traffic towards your business.

Marketing costs are also exponentially cheaper. 84% of marketers said that six hours a week was more than enough to increase traffic to their website. So, you will be using your time in the most efficient way possible. Social media also will raise your search engine ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the number one way to capture relevant search engine traffic. Being on social media can act as a “brand signal” to search engines showing your brand is credible, legitimate, trustworthy, and functional. Richer customer experience is also felt through social media.

Social media, in essence, is just a communication channel like making a phone call or sending a text. Every interaction between customers is a chance for you to show great customer service and interaction.

If a product complaint comes in on Facebook or Twitter, you can immediately acknowledge, apologize, and take action. This shows you are willing to do anything to make your customer happy and satisfied, increasing brand loyalty. The longer you wait on social media the more you will miss out on. Social media generates more customers, traffic, and most importantly, sales for your business and can keep a company in the loop. Nothing is worse than being forgotten. Social media will make sure that never happens.