Biggest Business Twitter and Facebook Mistakes

It’s a fact, to maximize your business potential, you must be using social media for your business. Arguably, the two most important sites to be on are Facebook and Twitter. Because everybody is familiar with Twitter and Facebook through using it for their personal lives, almost every business is vulnerable to certain mistakes. You cannot manage your business’ social media in the same way you manage your own. There are TONS of mistakes that all businesses will make for countless reasons, but here are the top mistakes that we believe plague businesses today when they use Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook: Not having a picture / Too technical

Posts by businesses tend to get lost amongst all the other postings. They just aren’t as important to people as posts from their friends. To combat this, business must use pictures to capture people’s attention.

Being too technical will make people lose interest. As a rule, keep it simple and keep it brief.

Twitter: Being too wordy

Believe it or not, even with only 140 characters, you can be too wordy. Keep it as brief as possible and use words that people will understand. Equally important when using Twitter is the use of hashtags. We actually wrote an article about hashtags that outlines how you should use hashtags for every site that uses them. Read it here:

Happy posting!