Loading A Website Fast

When we first started designing and developing websites, we used themes that had a lot of pre-built tools to construct websites. It was easy to construct our design because we already had the blocks assembled. If you’re not familiar with website themes, it’s basically like assembling custom Ikea furniture. You can choose the different legs […]


Selling Creativity

Recently I spoke with a client of ours about creativity. He said to us: “It’s very hard to find a good creative that can do what you do.” Being part of a company that delivers one-of-a-kind products through creative designs seems like a normal thing when you founded the company. Though I’ve only been in […]


When You Don’t Know What To Write You Think

I sat down this week and had no idea what ‘topic’ to write. Should I talk about website security? It’s important, but it’s not really that exciting (I’ll save that one for later). Should I talk about a client update and what we’ve done for them? Probably, but we’re going to be publishing Case Studies […]


Should You Take A Stand With Your Brand?

SNL has been notorious for creating the quickest and wittiest parodies of hot topics in today’s society. The video shown above was a skit put on post-SuperBowl LI to demonstrate the various brands and their approaches towards politically wavering topics. The overall concept played out by the two marketing teams and Cheeto executives is very […]

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A Series Of Blocks

Designing a website basically comes down to arranging a series of blocks. Does this block go here? Are you really sure that you want to put a red block there? There is a lot of nuance that happens behind these blocks, but every website is just a stack of blocks at its core. This simple […]


YouTube Demonetization Controversy

It’s been a controversial month for YouTube. If you haven’t heard, earlier this month people started saying the words ‘YouTube’ and ‘demonetizing’ in the same sentence. In 2012, YouTube started using an algorithm to monetize videos based on specific guidelines, aka was the video advertiser friendly. If it wasn’t deemed advertiser friendly, the video was […]


New Instagram Rage

Instagram is all the rage these days. In fact, we’d put it in the top two social media platforms. But why? Is it just hype? Instagram focuses on the image. Initially, users were only able to post pictures, but Instagram has since enabled video posts as well. People aren’t writing blogs on Instagram; posts aren’t long. Rather, […]


Build Your Brand Identity

Your brand is what customers see before they ever say a word to you. Its importance cannot be overstated. In terms of profit, a company with a better brand but an inferior product will certainly overcome a company with the reverse. In the digital world that we all live in, the most important development in […]


Is Your Website HACKED?

Virtually any website can be targeted by a hacker and become compromised for weeks, even months (sometimes years) without the website owner knowing. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. At eSpire Marketing, we’ve run into this problem with a few of our new clients, coming to us saying: “My site hasn’t been updated in awhile, […]


Relevant Content and SEO

One of our guidelines for marketing was to stay relevant. What we didn’t tell you was that being relevant doesn’t just apply to your blogging, but to everything else that you post on the internet, whether it’s on your website or social media. Here’s some pointers on relevant content and how it can help with […]