How far will you step outside of the box?

How far will you step outside of the box? Creativity and design is more than just changing how something looks and making something look cool and interesting. It’s about putting everything together into something that works. Some companies like Nike get that; they noticed early and identified themselves. They gave themselves the design advantage and […]


Are you being social online?

Are you being social online? Marketers have dubbed social media “the next big thing”, but others think that it will go as fast as it came. However, businesses that use social media marketing have seen great growth. 97% of marketers are using social media. 92% said social media helped their business, with 80% of them […]


Why do I need a website?

What is a website? Simply put, a website is a connected group of web pages that together form a single entity; usually devoted to a particular topic. Most people know that, but what most people do not know is the benefits of having a website. As a business, you must know who your target audience […]


Persistence Through The Resistance

This blog talks about the general struggles of business and overcoming the obstacles. Written by John Nguyen, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Open Design. The general goal of every business is to grow, but how can you grow if you can’t handle the growth? With every new level your business reaches, there are new […]


We’re Hiring

Preface: sometimes we write about topics in digital marketing – other times we talk about the trials and tribulations of owning a small business. This post is the latter. I’ve been trying to write this post for over a week now. We’ve been overwhelmed with work lately and are still behind on projects. In the […]


How To Run Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

As a digital marketing company, Open Design focuses on a few turnkey solutions to maximize the financial and temporal efforts of our clients. These key concentrations of our company are Facebook Advertising, Websites, and Marketing Consulting. To that end, I wanted to focus this post on running an efficient and successful Facebook Advertising campaign. There’s […]


Loading A Website Fast

When we first started designing and developing websites, we used themes that had a lot of pre-built tools to construct websites. It was easy to construct our design because we already had the blocks assembled. If you’re not familiar with website themes, it’s basically like assembling custom Ikea furniture. You can choose the different legs […]


Selling Creativity

Recently I spoke with a client of ours about creativity. He said to us: “It’s very hard to find a good creative that can do what you do.” Being part of a company that delivers one-of-a-kind products through creative designs seems like a normal thing when you founded the company. Though I’ve only been in […]


When You Don’t Know What To Write You Think

I sat down this week and had no idea what ‘topic’ to write. Should I talk about website security? It’s important, but it’s not really that exciting (I’ll save that one for later). Should I talk about a client update and what we’ve done for them? Probably, but we’re going to be publishing Case Studies […]


Should You Take A Stand With Your Brand?

SNL has been notorious for creating the quickest and wittiest parodies of hot topics in today’s society. The video shown above was a skit put on post-SuperBowl LI to demonstrate the various brands and their approaches towards politically wavering topics. The overall concept played out by the two marketing teams and Cheeto executives is very […]

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