How To Build The Best Customer Experience

Imagine walking into your favorite coffee shop, placing your order, paying, and leaving. Nothing out of the ordinary. A simple routine you follow throughout the week… Now imagine walking into your favorite coffee shop and your order is ready because they know when you come in. They call you by name, and ask you how […]


How Do You Create A Great Social Media Post?

When you start making social media posts for your business, it seems easy enough. Find a picture, then say something about your company and show people who you are! Some people like what you post and friends and family comment – then you’re back at square one. No matter how long you’ve been creating content […]


Effective Marketing: Look up from your Phone

In the marketing industry, the world is our canvas. Creativity flows through the streets of big cities such as New York City and Washington D.C. as we are surrounded by billboards, posters, and flyers galore. You may even notice them when you take a brief second to look up from your phone. Too often we […]


The Best Marketing in 2018

Open Design, while growing and evolving, is still a very young company. We’re always figuring out ways to educate our clients and help them strategize and implement effective marketing solutions for their company. We understand there are a vast array of tools and services that offer countless options when it comes to promoting your product […]


How far will you step outside of the box?

How far will you step outside of the box? Creativity and design is more than just changing how something looks and making something look cool and interesting. It’s about putting everything together into something that works. Some companies like Nike get that; they noticed early and identified themselves. They gave themselves the design advantage and […]


Are you being social online?

Are you being social online? Marketers have dubbed social media “the next big thing”, but others think that it will go as fast as it came. However, businesses that use social media marketing have seen great growth. 97% of marketers are using social media. 92% said social media helped their business, with 80% of them […]


Why do I need a website?

What is a website? Simply put, a website is a connected group of web pages that together form a single entity; usually devoted to a particular topic. Most people know that, but what most people do not know is the benefits of having a website. As a business, you must know who your target audience […]


Persistence Through The Resistance

This blog talks about the general struggles of business and overcoming the obstacles. Written by John Nguyen, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Open Design. The general goal of every business is to grow, but how can you grow if you can’t handle the growth? With every new level your business reaches, there are new […]


We’re Hiring

Preface: sometimes we write about topics in digital marketing – other times we talk about the trials and tribulations of owning a small business. This post is the latter. I’ve been trying to write this post for over a week now. We’ve been overwhelmed with work lately and are still behind on projects. In the […]


How To Run Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

As a digital marketing company, Open Design focuses on a few turnkey solutions to maximize the financial and temporal efforts of our clients. These key concentrations of our company are Facebook Advertising, Websites, and Marketing Consulting. To that end, I wanted to focus this post on running an efficient and successful Facebook Advertising campaign. There’s […]