Build Your Brand Identity

Your brand is what customers see before they ever say a word to you. Its importance cannot be overstated. In terms of profit, a company with a better brand but an inferior product will certainly overcome a company with the reverse. In the digital world that we all live in, the most important development in branding and marketing is online branding. There are countless aspects to this that have cropped up over the few years that the internet has existed, but their impact is very real.

Here’s 3 basic steps to establishing your online brand:

Establish a Logo:

Your logo is the first thing people see. When it comes to logos there are two types: symbol and text style. A good example of each would be Apple and Google. Apple’s logo has no text, but it is immediately associated with the companies name. Several companies choose to incorporate both text and symbol styles to create their logo. A good example of this is Ford motor company, which has both the quintessential blue oval As well as the name “Ford.” As your company grows and changes, logo can as well. If you look at the evolution of Google’s logo you can see that it does not detract from their business’ actual message.

Establish an Online Presence:

Your company needs to be present on the internet. If you cannot yet invest in a functional website, you can still take advantage of review sites like Yelp and pin yourself on Google maps. However, a website is always necessary for online marketing campaigns, so while you may start with half measures like review sites and Google maps, you must establish a website in short order. When creating one, it’s vital to incorporate your logo and colors throughout every page. Consistency is key.

Social Media:

A social media presence is not just to collect comments from grateful customers and post pictures. The benefits of social media range from increased SEO to providing a platform for solid marketing campaigns. Different social media platforms resonate best with different demographics. You also want to consider trends and where people are taking their attention. For example, young adults (especially women) are most present on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, though both are starting to shift and become even more widely used. A slightly older demographic is almost exclusively on Facebook. To take full advantage of the uses of social media, it is important to realize this as well as have a comprehensive plan and schedule drawn up. Frequency, direction, and consistency will give you traction on social media platforms, but a lack of any of those three will severely limit you.

Your company’s brand should not and cannot be neglected. While it is true to a degree that if you have a superior product that customers will come, In order to spread this product to those that need it, you must establish yourself so they can find you. Remember this is just the tip of the iceberg, let us know if you have any questions along the way.