Open Design works in ways that may counter how you perceive a workplace should act

In 2015, we set out to change the status quo of creating your own success. We believe that anyone can succeed in doing what he or she loves, as long as they put in the necessary work. We don’t think someone’s success has to be based on a standard set by society. We understand in order to foster such a mindset we must first create a culture of success through the unique, creative minds that make up this company.

Are you a positive person who is looking to evolve with a creative agency dedicated to helping businesses grow?

At Open Design, we’re looking for passionate, open-minded individuals who will join our team and help take us to the next level. Though our team is small now, we’re making a huge impact in our industry and are looking to grow our family of creative, like-minded professionals.

Here are some of the skills that we are looking to compliment the work that we do:

  • Proficient experience with the Adobe Suite – primarily Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Experience with Premiere Pro is a plus!
  • Proficient web development experience. We use WordPress to develop a range of websites for our clients. The languages that you need to know are HTML, CSS, JQuery & PHP.
  • Great organizational skills. We’re constantly on the move and working on different projects, so being able to stay on top of multiple tasks is key. We want someone that can prioritize and complete tasks without being told what to do every step of the way.
  • A creative mind. We try and look at every project with new eyes so that we can deliver the best product possible to our clients. That involves analyzing their requests and establishing a clear aesthetic for their brand. We want someone that can think outside the box to help us execute our clients vision.

What are you passionate about?

What makes great design?

Is it better to finish a project incomplete and on time, or complete and late?

What would you change about our website?

How long would it take to double a $100 investment?

Feel free to submit a resume, or other related work experience.