Digital Marketing During The Holidays

What is the most iconic holiday scene that you can think of? Is it a city store front with a mechanical Santa waving, or a Small town whose halls (and eves) are decked with wreathes and poinsettias? What about Thanksgiving, or New Years? In any instance the greatest scenes have plenty of people and an abundance of smiling faces, right? Department stores start decorating for Christmas in October. But when should Business start “decorating” for the holidays online? Does it even matter?

It does.

So what are you doing for your holiday marketing?

If you are selling something, then you ought to know that 65% of shoppers will reference Social Media for gifts ( Your profile and cover photos can and should change regularly to reflect the coming holiday or observance. In fact, key images and even thumbnails should be changed reflect holidays. Google does a stellar job of this, in its incorporation of a custom logo for every major (and obscure) observance known to man. It’s entertaining but it also shows relevancy and the updates will even help with SEO (see SEO in a Nutshell).

Additionally, the holidays give you the opportunity to pitch deals and contests to your followers. You could do something like a holiday give-a-way or a host holiday photo or video contest that will help to increase interaction with your followers and their friends. You could even create free content or coupons that pertain specifically to the holidays, complete with ribbons and festive colors.

2015-10-27 Digital Marketing in the Holidays-01

The holidays are a time for giving. We highly recommend that you run a campaign that benefits a worthy cause or charity. Not everyone has the luxury to be immersed in social media during the holidays, but we, for one, would like to use the internet as a force for good. Use these holidays to simply give back if nothing else. Of course, a successful charity campaign is also an effective digital marketing campaign in all cases.

Lastly, if you really want to capitalize on the holiday energy, invest in Facebook ads. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but with 65% of people on the “holiday-hunt,” holiday-themed ads could be a homerun.

There is a lot of energy during the holidays, don’t miss your chance to take part in it.