Eye Catching 101

Because Halloween is right around the corner, it seemed right for us to talk about shock-value and what is eye-catching. If you think about it, the internet is a lot like Halloween. There are so many interesting things to see all around you, with lots of colors and attitudes, just like there are so many different costumes and characters that appear for one night out of the year. The best costumes (the ones that get the most attention) are high-quality, original, and planned. Your digital presence is the same way.

Pictures and Videos:

When trying to catch someone’s eye, what better tool is there than visuals? Posts on Facebook that include some sort of picture see twice as much engagement, and those that contain videos are similar in attracting interaction. Your pictures should always contain energy. Simply smiling in every picture will not elicit much attention. Try taking pictures of people working or playing. Impromptu pictures are the best for this.

Powerful Headlines:

There are certain key words that empower headlines:

  • Breakthrough
  • New
  • How To
  • Amazing
  • Why
  • Facts
  • <any number> (People love numbers, don’t ask us why, they just do)

Example: “10 Amazing Facts You Need to Know about Africa”

This is a very limited list to say the least. Any word or phrase that promises new or interesting information is sure to capture at least an interested glance from any passerby

Remember, content must be like a winning costume: high-quality, original, and planned. Take the time to create good, meaningful content that a great headline and picture can live up to. Your personality in everything you create must be unique to you, even if you borrow methods from someone else (which is fine). Everything of high quality, especially as it pertains to building a digital presence must have a plan in place that will help you to reign in your creativity and energy into achieving a well-defined goal.

Be eye-catching, be shocking, but most of all, be you.