How Do You Create A Great Social Media Post?

When you start making social media posts for your business, it seems easy enough. Find a picture, then say something about your company and show people who you are! Some people like what you post and friends and family comment – then you’re back at square one.

No matter how long you’ve been creating content for social media, there always comes a point when you’re just stuck. A blank canvas staring back at you.

We’ve been there too.

Start with research

This is the most important part of any process in our opinion. What are other people doing?

It not only helps to fuel ideas, but can help you figure out what content people are engaging with online. It can also help you figure out what not to do.

When we are creating a graphic or social media post, we find at least 3 graphics to base our creation off. You always want to make it your own, but this will help you create great content quickly.

Creating Your Post

This can be the hardest part, but if you’ve done your research it should be a lot easier. Before you start drafting your post, remember that people are on social media to escape – not to learn about the “5 Ways To Save Money For Retirement” That message may be impactful with a specific type of person, but if it doesn’t get engagement, they probably won’t see it.

That’s because social media engagement affects the visibility of your posts. Create posts that your audience will share and that leave room for people to express themselves.

Don’t worry about creating the perfect post. New content is always being created and good content can be buried if your audience isn’t actively following you. If you focus too much on creating the perfect post, you can miss your opportunity to reach your audience.

Here a few other rules to help guide you in your creative process:

Ask a question to your audience

Keep It Simple Stupid

Don’t forget to have fun

Last Step: Just Put Something Out!

Now that you have your post created (and hopefully a few more) you can release it to the world! But how do you know when the best time to post is?

We could write a whole post about this. The best strategy is trial and error. Test different times, and see when you get the most engagement. After all, there’s no better time than now.