How To Make Advertising Work For You

There are 3 keys to making sure your online advertising (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) works for you.


  1. Targeting
  2. Relationship
  3. Presence


If you’re missing of the above, advertising for your business won’t be as effective.


What is Targeting?


Targeting is how well you’re reaching your customers.


How well do you know your ideal customer or client?


What’s their age group and gender?


Where do they hang out?


What interests them?


What’s the problem they are facing and how does your service or product help them?


These are all questions (and more) that you should be asking yourself so you can reach your customers online and not wasting money.


What is Relationship?


I’m sure you heard the term relationships build trust and trust leads to customer. Why? Because people like to buy from businesses or people they trust.


Now, you could spend all your time networking in person building relationships and getting referrals like most suggest but a business cannot scale on networking and relationships alone.


Ask yourself how many potential customers can you meet in a day and times it by 5 for days of the week. Now, most can’t network 5 days a week cause there are other things that need to get done in the business. So, you might end of only networking just 2 days out of the week.


You could hire people to network for you, but it costs money to hire someone. So, the only other solution there is to reach MORE people is online through social media and paid advertising. Just as  you would be a relationship with someone in person you can do the same online and reach MORE people faster. Use the internet to your advantage.


What is Presence?


You know big brand names we see like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.? Why do they still advertise when we already know who they are? Easy, they want to make sure they stay at the top of your mind, so when you do need their product or service or simply have a choice to make you’ll be more likely to choose them.


It’s about staying in front of your customer, because if a business does not, people will eventually forget. A lot of times when a business first starts paid advertising they give up too early on to really reap the fruits of their labor. Just because a customer does not buy from you the first time they see you does not mean they’ll never buy. Making sure you are actively reaching them with new content, offers and other avenues will increase your customer conversion rates over time. This will help to build a relationship with your customers and increase awareness so when they do need you, they’ll go to you first.


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