How To Run Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

As a digital marketing company, Open Design focuses on a few turnkey solutions to maximize the financial and temporal efforts of our clients. These key concentrations of our company are Facebook Advertising, Websites, and Marketing Consulting. To that end, I wanted to focus this post on running an efficient and successful Facebook Advertising campaign.

There’s one rule of thumb that applies to running a successful ad campaign on Facebook. This one rule will help you consistently improve results across the board and will be effective as long as you continue to follow it.


There are a few other rules you should follow to consistently improve your results, but ultimately if you follow this one rule, you will always have better results.

But what exactly is split testing?

Split testing is simply measuring one aspect against another. This can be your targeting, headline, text, image, landing page, offer, etc. You choose what to test against and use that data to refine your future advertising decisions.

Here’s an example:

Rachel is a business owner that sells custom t-shirts to men and women online through her e-commerce store. She creates her Facebook Ad Campaign focused on reaching potential leads so she can generate more traffic for her e-commerce store. This is her overall goal – to get more traffic to her website.

To split test her ads, Rachel creates two separate Ad Sets to target men in one and women in the other.

Using the same ad text, headline, and images within each ad set, Rachel can test to see if her ads work better with men or women. With these results, she can cater her ads towards a more targeted demographic – resulting in higher qualified leads for her website traffic which will ultimately translate into higher ROI because the traffic to her site is higher-converting.

Regardless of what you’re testing, whether it’s demographics, ad specifics, or the landing page after, it’s always important to split test everything you do. This can start off slowly with various ads with different images and text, then further refined into demographics and regional targeting.

As long as you follow the rule to always split test, you can maximize your results and end up with successful campaigns. Something to keep in mind this process takes time.

There is no guarantee you’ll create a perfect system or marketing funnel the first time around. In fact you probably won’t. We work with and collaborate with dozens of experts in the industry and have experienced that IT TAKES TIME.

Of course with a higher budget, you can expedite your results, but in that circumstance, you have to also consider time. Are people more likely to act during a specific day of the week? Time of the day? Etc.

Keep in mind every aspect of human behavior and interaction can be tested when it comes to ads. Just always remember to test everything you do. If it can’t be measured, then how will you know your marketing is working?

If you have any questions or need more insight on this subject, you can send me, the Founder, Creative Officer, and Facebook Ad Expert, an email directly at to learn more.