Inspiration From Within

We all know what it is. It’s that thing that just jumps out at us and points us in the right direction whenever we’re creating something. When you’re a kid, inspiration waited behind every corner. There was always something new to get your hands dirty or something to grab your attention and just hold you, fixated, because you have never seen anything like it. Eventually, all of these occurrences ended up pinned to the refrigerator with your signature or it became the topic of the great stories you told your grandma. At any rate, everything was new and interesting, and it all made great content to share with others, because, as far as you were concerned, it was all new and everybody should know about it.

Fast forward after High School, and you have the world figured out. Everything happens for reasons that you know and understand fully. It takes much more to impress you now than it ever did, and half the time, you won’t share it because you figure everybody else has already seen it. To share it would be to share stale news. Your life, as you perceive it at this point is wholly un-interesting.

In reality, much of the world around you, even the everyday events you see and are a part of are totally new and exciting to the others around you. This is because everything looks different to you than it does to even your best friend or closest relative. Your past experiences paint everything in a slightly different light, and others are interested in it. YOUR take on events and YOUR side of the story are valuable. Why do you think that there are so many talk shows that follow the same current events? Because the hosts all have a different take on the exact same content.

Poets understand this. To see that your life is interesting, you must take a step back and realize just how unique you truly are. The world is wondrous, full of life and breath and images full of emotion. The thing is, you are the only one able to experience fully the emotions and memories that come with everyday life. How often does something simple and mundane, like sweeping a floor, take you back to another, more interesting time that you were doing the same thing? Your life is a connected web of experiences which show themselves through a series complex connections that are sparked by simple, everyday life.

It is your challenge to share this.

For inspiration, look no further than yourself. It is our challenge at Open Design to implement these unique ideas and standpoints in a manner that most accurately displays the mental image and the range of motion you experience. The content we use is simply normal, spectacular, views of the client mixed with the lens of a digital marketer. To be effective requires nothing more than the inspiration of a few driven individuals and knowing how to recreate it on a screen.