Anything worth doing requires Passion. Your relationships with friends and family, hobbies, and work all require and abundance of energy which can only come from within yourself. The source of this energy can only come from Passion. Without it, boredom and lethargy will follow you in all your endeavors and ultimately lead to failure, tangibly shown as a lack of desired results or metaphysically, as a lack of fulfillment and satisfaction. To be successful, your passion must be present and actively transferred into the marketing of your product in a real and relevant manner.

Once you’ve established passion within yourself, you must make it fruitful. To do this you must first realize that you are not only selling a product, but you are selling yourself, and by extension, your passion. If you are selling a product that is great, but aren’t genuinely enthusiastic about it, customers will pick up on this and lose interest in your business. Alternatively, you can have genuine passion and exude it toward your customer. Think of Billy Mays. It’s hard not to wonder what makes his product so great that he is so enthusiastic about it. Your demeanor may very well have more of an effect on the buyer than the product itself.

Once you have your passion rooted and are determined to share it, it’s time to advertise. To best share your passion with the consumer, your advertisements should be relevant and be made accessible to your target audience. Men and women 50 to 60 years of age will not be effectively exposed to even the most passionate Instagram posts on skateboarding Instruction. The medium in which you choose to advertise should be tailored toward your audience. Here are some quick facts:

  • There are more female Facebook Users than Male, and most are within the age range of 18-49, not including minors.
  • Twitter has a roughly equal number of male and female users and the age of those users fall heavily within the 18-29 region.
  • There are more Instagram users than Twitter users, and they are all almost exclusively between the ages of 18 and 49.

The advertising process requires research and dedication. Additionally the content or of your advertising should be made relevant to best reach your intended audience, but also be given in such a way as to communicate the passion and feeling that should be attributed to your product. A company offering high-adventure, should have posts and graphics that give a feeling of adventure and escape from monotony, while a masseuse may wish to use words and images that communicate a feeling of serenity. What feeling is your company providing? Can you customers feel it from your advertising? Can they feel it from you?