Persistence Through The Resistance

This blog talks about the general struggles of business and overcoming the obstacles. Written by John Nguyen, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Open Design.

The general goal of every business is to grow, but how can you grow if you can’t handle the growth? With every new level your business reaches, there are new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill

From the start of Open Design, there has always been the vision to positively impact the world through the companies and individuals we connect.

This vision is still alive.

When Open Design was founded, there was a purpose established. This purpose serves to drive innovation and propel growth as the company matures through the years. As the company quickly grew over the months, I realized there were certain areas that were reaching capacity and adjustments needed to be made in these areas for further growth.

This has happened multiple times.

Recently, I sat down with Troy, CEO of Open Design, to discuss the company and revisit our systems, procedures, and business plan and strategy, and we realized to keep up with the work we’re bringing in, we need to have more hands – or more people – to help build this company. Without these people, we would have a capacity issue with the amount of work we bring in and how many projects we can handle, but with more people we can handle more work and accomplish more towards the overall vision.

This adjustment has served us well.

The same concept can be applied to any problem in any company, and in order to assess the challenges and obstacles correctly, you have to analyze what is going on in your company. From your analysis, you must determine what is lagging or not keeping up within the company. This could be sales, employees, project turnover, etc. Regardless of the obstacle, a plan (that aligns with your company goals and vision) needs to be implemented in order to make the proper adjustments for your company to continue growing in the right direction.

Adaptation is key.

Your vision of the company is important in this process. This is what will drive your actions and determine the route of your success. This is what will enable your persistence through the hard times because knowing where you want to end up will make it easier to figure out how you’re going to get there. Otherwise, you’ll be blind to the direction you’re headed towards and blind to the growth you’re may accomplish.

Take persistent action through every resistance.

The path you take to overcome your obstacles may not be the right one at first, but you must keep working through the problems and find the opportunities the problem presents. Remember: With every level there is a new devil. Accomplish this level so you can grow from it and reach a whole new level in business.