Pros and Cons of Facebook

Facebook is by far the world’s largest social networking site. With over 968 million active daily users, it’s no surprise that in this digital age, individuals and businesses alike are flocking to it in order to share their information or products to those that might be interested. Having over a billion monthly active users, it is an ideal and affordable tool for digital marketing and for the improvement of SEO.

Now, with great reach comes great responsibility (which is a totally original quote). There are drawbacks to Facebook, and most of them stem from mismanaging it. This is of course barring the fact that certain sites are just better than Facebook for certain circumstances, such as Twitter for real-time or frequent updates.

Here’s a couple of the greatest reasons why Facebook is brilliant and should be used by businesses and a couple of the most apparent drawbacks.


  • Facebook has 1.49 billion active users.

This is of course significant because with over 1 billion users, there are millions of target audiences that can be reached, creating a very real opportunity for growing “Organic SEO.” This is especially useful in highly urbanized or developed areas such as Northern Virginia (Where Open Design is located) because of the population density and relatively affluent populace.

  • Facebook’s basic functions help to spread business ideas and it has tools made specifically for businesses.

Like, Comment, and Share,” is the mantra of Facebook. In all three instances, products are being shown to countless audiences. Additionally, Facebook has an advertising service that provides not only targeted advertisements, but also offers in-depth analytics.


  • Facebook requires a lot of work.

You cannot get by simply posting once in a while and leaving your page, while expecting to gain followers and likes. The interaction and maintenance that is necessary to have a great page is extensive and time consuming, which is why companies like Open Design exist, to create and manage the content that appears on the web.

  • Your Facebook Page will not grow fast.

It is a fact that gaining a large following on any social media site can be a long and arduous journey and oftentimes thankless. It takes months in order to create a passable social media base and years to create a good one. AND once you have built this foundation, you must maintain it, requiring even more work.

Don’t be discouraged, when I say “a lot” of work, I mean an extra hour out of your day, which unfortunately, most business owners do not have. Northern Virginia is full of business owners and businesses alike, but wouldn’t you know, many do not have a Facebook Page. If you’re reading this and have not created a page, then create one now, assuming you have an account… But of course you do.