Relevant Content and SEO

One of our guidelines for marketing was to stay relevant. What we didn’t tell you was that being relevant doesn’t just apply to your blogging, but to everything else that you post on the internet, whether it’s on your website or social media.

Here’s some pointers on relevant content and how it can help with your SEO:

  1. You provide the latest and most up to date content

While anecdotes and testimonials from years past can be a great reminder to your audience that you really are as great as you say you are, it’s important to stay up to date. An article or video on how Facebook has emerged as an internet powerhouse would not be a good thing to bring up to your viewers. They already know that. It’s old news. Believe it or not, people like to see NEW CONTENT (obviously). It’s also beneficial for you, because staying relevant allows you to share the newest releases, updates and promotions that you want your customers to take advantage of. Everybody wins!

  1. Make sure your relevant content has Purpose or tells a story.

Pointless posts and content may be entertaining, but it really has no place on your website or social media pages. Your viewers have already shown that they are interested in you and your product. It would simply not make sense to berate them with useless facts or pictures that don’t actually pertain to your goals. One folly that people make on the internet is to sacrifice relevancy and purpose for frequent posts. Quality over Quantity: This really does hold true even on the internet. If you’re struggling with coming up for purposeful content that follows a plan, then by all means give us a call.

  1. Your content should allow for and attract engagement.

Engagement is a like on Facebook, a subscription YouTube. It’s a comment in your blog section. When someone calls over a friend and has him look at your post, THAT IS ENGAGMENT. The buzzword (‘buzz-phrase’) in the marketing community is “Call to Action.” At the end of your posts tell them to like or share. There’s a reason why YouTubers tell you to like and subscribe to their channels. These are calls to action. Don’t be afraid to add #RT to the end of your Twitter posts or literally ask for comments. This is how you engage with your audience.

Word to the Wise: When someone engages with you, make sure to engage back, promptly. It’s not just polite, it’s smart. Viewers like to see you message back and thank them. They may just mention you to a friend!

Relevant content isn’t just to form rapport with your customers though. It’s also to form a good relationship with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (for your SEO purposes). When someone types in a search and the search engines scans for results, it looks first to the websites and profiles that are active and post new content. Have you ever noticed that you seldom ever come across a webpage that hasn’t been touched in years? That’s because search engines omit them from results.

So, use this knowledge to grow your internet kingdom and boost your SEO. As always, if you need help setting up a strategy or just want to take a look at your content, email us or give us a call.