SEO Explained

I understand that many people out there are completely new to digital marketing. After all, the first step in being good at something is to be bad at it, right? With that in mind, I believe that the responsibility of teaching those new to the trade should fall on those who are knowledgeable. I don’t pretend to be the most distinguished teacher, but I know that I can help to bridge the knowledge gap in as many ways that I can.

So, here’s a bare bones explanation of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Digital marketers everywhere swear by the word SEO. To many it is the ultimate goal to create heavily optimized webpages for their clients. In short, it is how easily search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can find your webpage(s) and how they order your website along with all the other search results. The higher the order, the more likely a website will be visited.

Easy right?

Well actually, improving SEO is hard, and somewhat of a gamble.

To Improve SEO, digital marketers seek to increase traffic and to create or promote relevant content.

For instance, a website that sees thousands of visitors per quarter will have a greater SEO than a site that sees less. Additionally, a site that has updating, relevant information on a given topic will be given a higher ranking by the search engine than the site that has stale or irrelevant information. Blogs and news updates are a good way to increase updating, relevant content.

Even more in-depth is the distinction between “paid” and “organic” SEO, and the difference is pretty clear:

Paid SEO or SEM (search engine marketing) is just what it sounds like, paying the search engine for a higher rank. These are the “sponsored links” that appear at the top and sides of search results. It is possible that paid SEM will generate enough lasting traffic that it no longer becomes necessary as organic SEO takes over

Organic SEO is the importance of a site given by real, live, organic people. This can come from manually typing the URL into the search bar, and through simple traffic. The ultimate goal is to never have to pay for SEM because your organic SEO is so stellar that you appear at the top of the search lists because people visit your site. Digital marketers seek to improve web traffic through the use of social media engagement, advertisements, etc.

We at Open Design seek to improve the SEO of companies in the Northern Virginia area (in cities like Fairfax, Leesburg, Ashburn, Herndon, Reston, Sterling, and all the surrounding areas), through the combined use of social media, advertisements, and graphic design. Excluding, of course, the creation of a great website and eye-catching landing pages…

Well there you have it! SEO explained in a nutshell!

Any questions? You’re more than welcome to call and ask how we can show you better what SEO is and how we can improve it for you.