The Best Facebook Content EVER

Let’s be serious, everyone uses Facebook. Whether it’s for your personal use or for business, or you just have it there to be reminded of birthdays, everyone uses Facebook. This blog is aimed to helping you create the best content for your Facebook page and increase engagement with the 1.19 billion monthly active users.

Anyone who cares about content engagement has read a million articles on how to use Facebook better (or 4 or 5 at least), but at the end of the day, too many people will take one lesson to heart and then never develop their Facebook any further. We thought that it would be best if we could supply a source of Facebook tips that cut out all the fluff and get right down to brass tax.

If you want to create Facebook content correctly here is your foundation (we broke it down for you):


Media includes photos, photo albums, and videos. On average, posts that include pictures see 120% more engagement, albums see 180% more engagement, and videos see 100% more engagement than posts that do not contain any sort of media. So take and post pictures and videos regularly, and organize them into interesting albums that you can share from time to time to boost engagement. You should try to incorporate at least 3 pictures every week (although more is better), and spread posts that include pictures between days so your followers can see separate posts for each time you update your albums.


It goes without saying that what it is you actually say is very important. As a general rule, your posts should not be too long. Posts that use between 100 and 250 characters (3 or 4 lines) see more engagement than posts that do not, due to the fact that readers need to have invested interest before spending time to reading a long post. Many readers simply do not have the time or patience. However, there are always exceptions. Current events or interesting stories, for instance, can allow you to exceed the word limit, as readers will be more inclined to read it. One more thing: If you want likes, shares, or comments, say it (“Please share/comment/like…”)! Posts that state what they want see many times the response that posts that do not.


We know that photos are also media, but they are so paramount to Facebook success, they actually merit a category of their own. Besides including them in every poste\, their size and contents are very important. As a rule, Facebook only displays pictures at 403×403 pixels, though it is suggested that you upload photos at least 600×600 in order to achieve the highest resolution possible. That being said, you can resize the image by clicking on the pencil icon and choosing “reposition image.” Additionally, photos that contain people and activities will attract a much more robust response than images that only display only your storefront. One tip: Take pictures of your superb company culture. Customers love to see that the employees love working with your company!


You must stay relevant and consistent with your postings. If a famous person passes away or your country has suddenly won independence, you should probably address this! Also, if you are ever stuck in a rut as far as content creation goes, use a particularly insightful or positive comment left by a fan. Of course insightful comments will only be born from solid engagement. Facebook comments are a breeding ground for conversation so take full advantage of this.

When you follow these Facebook strategies, then you will be on your way to Facebook stardom.