The Importance Of Digital Marketing In 2016

Times are changing. It is safe to say that we are well into a Digital Age. The era of transition is more or less closed. Even long-standing businessmen are embracing and using to their advantage the power of the Internet.

At the end of 2015, it was estimated that 2.4 billion people worldwide use the Internet. Of those 2.4 Billion, more than 1.5 billion are on Facebook! Traditional marketing has relied upon mailings and phone calls, billboards, and other visually appealing mediums for marketing. Yet, the Internet has not changed the need for visually appealing ads and headlines; rather it has amplified that need.

Social Media, especially, has given businesses the power to provide more information with the click of a mouse. It used to be the immediate information available to customers which was limited to what was printed on a piece of paper or whatever portion of that paper has been purchased for advertising (e.g. newspapers, newsletters, banners). The struggle to make that information interesting has sparked a vast increase in bloggers and copywriters.

The face of marketing has changed, drastically. It is essential that digital marketing is necessary in this Digital Age. It’s not debatable anymore. Nearly every large business has some sort of website or web presence. Those businesses that also have social media presences have employees whose job is exclusively to post and reply to engagements on social media.

This year, 2016, successful businesses and entrepreneurs understand the drastic need for Digital Marketing. It’s not saying that every business needs a specific department tasked solely to maintain a digital presence, but that small businesses whom do not have the cash flow to support such a department rely on Digital Marketing companies (such as Open Design) to meet the needs required by their digital presence.

It’s not a matter of question anymore, whether or not Digital Marketing is necessary anymore. It’s a question of how much. Here are some things that all businesses are required to have regardless of their available cash flow or age:

  • An efficient and visually appealing website that is updated regularly
  • A novelty logo that provokes emotion and connects with your audience
  • A social media presence (on Facebook and Twitter at least)

These three points are the bare minimum. Implementing this will help to establish your digital presence and build your brand for existing customers.

Take action and adapt because as society grows, we must grow with it.