Tips And Benefits Of Blogging

There are several reasons why you should be blogging regardless of your end goal. If all you want is more website traffic, great! Blogging will get you there by improving your search rankings. If you want to keep visitors on your website for longer periods of time, then guess what? Start blogging.

Here are some of the reasons why you NEED to be blogging:

  1. Organically Boost your SEO Ranking on Search Engines

Search engines like popular content. That’s obvious, but what they also like is potentially interesting content. They look for frequently updating and relevant content in websites, especially that which attracts attention and traffic. Videos and Podcasts come to mind, but blogging is just as attractive and popular… And It’s really easy.

  1. Deliver Updated Content to your Audience

Forget about the search engines. It’s all about your customers and viewers after all. Your customers like to see interesting content (doesn’t everybody?). If they’re your customers, then it’s a safe bet that they’re already interested in what you have to say. Don’t be afraid to speak what you know and what you find to be new and interesting. You’re customers will appreciate it.

  1. Add Value and Build Rapport, Invest in Your Audience

Having interesting content isn’t the only way to keep and attract customers. You need to give them value: facts and ideas that could actually help them. After a while your customers could tire of funny stories that you tell in your videos and blogs. They’re on your website because they believe they can learn something or get some value from you. You must invest the time and energy in them for them to invest and buy from you.

Tips To Help You Get Started

  • Schedule regularly: Whether it’s weekly or every other week, make sure you’re customers know when to expect your next one. There’s a reason why shows and movies tell you the release date. Anticipation is powerful.
  • Graphics: Media is great. Add pictures to make your blogs more interesting. How many times have you picked up a newspaper (or accidentally clicked your news app) and the only thing you looked at and noticed was the picture? Pretty often.
  • Relevant: If you want to keep readers, you cannot blog about entirely different topics each time you blog. If you blog about the importance of salt in baked goods one week and then write about how much you love your dog the next, You will not only alienate the readers who are bakers and domestic goddesses, but you won’t have accumulated any dog lovers in your reader-pool. It doesn’t make sense.

So if you aren’t blogging, then open up your notepad and start writing your first blog about writing your first blog. It’s that easy. Nearly every website has a blog feature built in. Make use of it. And, as always, if you want help, reach out to us!