Top 5 Twitter Mistakes

Twitter is a brand building machine. It is the best way to spread hundreds of links and real-time updates. But, as with all tools, there is a wrong way to use it. Here are the Top 5 Mistakes that businesses make using twitter.

  1. Too Wordy

It’s hard to believe that with only 140 characters, you can be long-winded, but you can. If a post is more than three lines long, chances are, it will just get skipped over as people scroll. Don’t waste the effort. Break your though into two posts if you have to.

  1. Following back every single follower

Do not become a victim to robots that seek out and follow every account they can find just to boost their followers. Collect quality users that you think you could retweet from. And ultimately, who might genuinely be interested in you.

  1. Auto Messages

Most users hate auto-messages. Fact. The only auto-messages that are okay are personal ones, but they’re still hard to perfect. Messages that just beg for engagement are a no-go. Automate at your own risk.

  1. Only promoting yourself

Twitter is a networking site, not a billboard. To be successful, you need to connect with other users. Accounts that show more than just their own posts will receive the attention of other users’ followers as well. It just makes sense.

  1. Misusing the Hashtag

This is a Twitter-sin. Hashtags are absolutely great for connecting with a certain subject, but posts that have more than two hashtags tend to do worse than posts that adhere to the two-hashtag limit

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Twitter is a must for business catering to any group of people. It is the equivalent of an internet spokesperson. Do it right, and customers will line up. Do it wrong, and you’ll find that an entire digital marketing strategy can be ruined in under 140 characters.