Using Hashtags

An Introduction to Using Hashtags

Hashtags mean for a great number of people exactly what search queries mean to everyone else. More and more, with the rise of platforms like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are becoming the primary method of indexing all information on social media, and by extension, large percent of the internet. So, from a marketing standpoint, it would make no sense for a business NOT to be using hashtags.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and even Google search all use hashtags in slightly different way, thus hashtags should be handled differently for each one:


Posts with at least one hashtag see 2x more engagement

Posts with more than 2 hashtags actually see less engagement


There seems to be no limit to how many hashtags you can incorporate

You should use at least 11 hashtags for each posting for maximum engagement


Surprising, but Facebook posts without hashtags actually fare better than those that do


Hashtags are automatically added based on content, but you can edit them

Hashtags in Google+ are also indexed by Google Search, which makes hashtags a great SEO tool

With the increased use of hashtags, it is essential that you use them wisely so that you many maximize your social reach and increase your SEO. This is especially applicable to those seeking to increase their “web-footprint” in highly populated or urbanized (or suburbanized) places, such as in Northern Virginia, in cities like Fairfax, and Sterling. Wherever you find yourself, use hashtags well, your notifications icon will thank you!

P.S. Which hashtags should you use? Try to see how popular your hashtags are!